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Closing for the season20/09/2018

We close on Thursday 20 September. Time for our holidays. Thankyou to everyone who came this summer and see you next year. We plan to open the middle of May 2019. Bon Hiver!

New Bus system!!!24/09/2015

Excellent news. After many letters, discussions, middle-aged whingeing, and pressure from many Chamonix residents, massive improvements to the bus system in Chamonix. There will now be a night bus running from Chamonix - Argentiere, 4 times a night, from 8.30pm - Midnight, throughout the summer. And the main line, No 1 Bus, will now be running every 1/2 hr, starting earliar. This is brilliant for climbers wanting to get up the Aiguille, nice and early and for people wanting to go out to Chamonix in the evening. And all, still, free.

Example Snack Bar Menu01/04/2015