Since 1967

Camping's story

A family story...


A family of climbers from the south of France, the Langlais, arrived at Les Chosalets. They fell in love with a very quiet agricultural field, offering a choice panorama of the mountains they had come to climb. The owners let them pitch a tent as the haying was done.


The following summer, Edouard and Juliette Ravanel, who owned the land, decided to turn it into a campsite. With the help of their daughter Marie-Hélène and her husband Guy Cachat, Camping du Glacier d’Argentière came into being in the summer of 67.


The family farm was taken over by Bernard, Edouard & Juliette’s son, and his wife Michèle… Fun to work where you used to put cows in the field as a child! Between them, they managed the business for 27 years. Now they’ve earned their retirement! You’re sure to spot them as you stroll through the village – they’re never far away.


Audrey and Julian ran the campsite. Audrey is Edouard’s granddaughter. 


Now it’s Isabelle & Laurence’s turn to take up the torch for the 2020 summer season.

After spending all their teenage summers helping out their parents, Bernard & Michèle’s twin daughters will be delighted to share their joie de vivre and good humor with you.

Passionate about the mountains and the Chamonix Valley, they’ll be able to advise you on the best places to go and the best itineraries.

Committed and concerned, the twins undertook a titanic project to modernize the facilities and provide all the necessary comforts for future campers.  


Recently, management has been shared with one of the respective daughters of each twin: Juliette and Charline. 

The campsite is run alternately by each pair, with a single promise: conviviality!